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We have a number of questions we are regularly asked and would like to take the opportunity to share these with you. Contact Us if you have any questions that are not covered below!

Does Arkadia Chai contain caffeine?

Caffeine is a naturally occurring component in tea, used to make the Arkadia Chai Teas.

Levels of caffeine typical of Arkadia Chai Teas, when consumed as prepared according to serving suggestions on the label are listed below:

Chai Tea – Spice, Vanilla - Caffeine content per cup, 40mg

For information on the recommended daily intake of caffeine you should contact your health professional. Further information is also available on websites such as the Food Standards website

Does Arkadia Chai contain artificial colours?

Arkadia Chai is made without the use of artificial colours.

Does Arkadia Chai contain artificial flavours?

Arkadia Chai is made without the use of artificial flavours.

Does Arkadia Chai contain tea?

Arkadia Chai Tea is blended with black instant tea and has more tea than its competitors of the same style and preparation method. As Arkadia Chai Tea does contain tea it is a source of flavonoid antioxidants. Tea antioxidants can be beneficial by helping the body to maintain its defence system.

Where can I purchase Arkadia products?

View our Stockists section of the website to find out where you can buy Arkadia’s café indulgent range of products.

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How can I stay up to date with Arkadia News and Promotions?

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How should I store my Arkadia products?

Arkadia products are packaged in a tin that effectively protects the product from light and air. However hot temperatures can affect the product. Try to store your product away from sunlight in an area such as a pantry.